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Spam testing your Emails

Last updated: 10/02/2015

After you have added a newsletter you can spam test it to see how it fares against industry standard spam checkers.

This is really useful for making sure your emails get through to your recipients.

Get started...

  1. Click the Newsletters tab on the left hand side of the Control Panel.

  2. Find the newsletter you would like to spam test in the list of newsletters.
  3. Click the drop down box next to the view button on the right, and select "Spam Test".

  4. A popup will appear asking you to start a spam test.

  5. Click the "Spam Test It" button to start the spam test.
  6. At this point we send a copy of your email to a spam checker which tests it for things like well known spammy words, too many images and not enough text, and much more.
  7. Once the test is complete the popup window will automatically refresh, and show you any problems.

  8. Click the close button, and adjust your email if you need to.
  9. You can spam test as many times as you like, there's no charge.

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